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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sweet Jesus They've Done It Again


Another actor injured during Spider-Man. Really hope the guy's okay. Is this just going to keep happening? Perhaps they should start taking the hint; if it's not possible to do the show safely...

EDIT: A subsequent article on Playbill.com has more information, although there is still a lot of speculation at this point. Safety inspectors are being called back to review equipment and practices.

They also posted some publicity pictures that give a better idea of what the show actually looks like

Photo by Jacob Cohl

The masks are very Taymor-esque, and lend to the whole "pop-up comic book" theme.


  1. From the article (emphasis mine):

    "Michael Cohl, lead producer of Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, announced Dec. 17 that the new musical will delay its opening to Feb. 7, 2001, from the previously set Jan. 11 to implement changes."

    If they're going back in time, then I think they can rework the show...

  2. "History's about to change!"

    Well, good, we can just go back in time and fix it then!